Oil Fingerprinting

Petroleum biomarkers are “molecular fossils” that can be analyzed with gas chromatography to fingerprint crude oil. Using samples from your soil and water, Scopex conducts hydrocarbon fingerprinting, an environmental forensic test that enables us to evaluate the release of petroleum in soil, sediment and water.

The data generated helps to; Identify the source of contamination (your site or neighbouring facility) Track the timeframe for contamination (for instance previously used industrial site) Differentiate between pollutants from oil and petrol and biogenic sources such as plant material

Air Quality Monitoring

Our air quality testing services cover: Workplace monitoring Sox, Nox, CO2, H2, H2S, Dust particle pollution, Volatile organic compounds, Asbestos, man-made and mineral fibers and crystalline silica Odor measurements

Continuous air monitoring networks

Gas Dispersion Modelling

Furthermore, using flow and dispersion modelling, we give you a clear picture of how flammable gas spreads under various wind conditions, and this help you in designing your facility and constructing rules for various activities.


To register a new chemical, companies are required to conduct specific toxicity tests by regulators. Regulators uses this models to predict a chemical’s toxicity on the basis of its potential risk to the environmental.

We carry out toxicity test on organisms exposed to these chemicals routinely. On the basis of obtained data, ecotoxicological properties of substances, chemical products and wastes are assessed.