Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Our services involve identifying environmental impacts that a particular project might have and advise the client on mitigation measures, recognize the social impacts and participate in community meeting where we independently facilitate the views of the affected community.

Community and stakeholder consultation constitute an essential part of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) process and is a major aspect of the Scopex Laboratory’s approach to executing a successful and discussion-based assessment and approvals process. Our clients also benefit from our state-of-the-art laboratory and monitoring facilities. We offer you guidance and assistance in complying with environmental regulations and in reducing your impact on the environment.

Our models generate qualitative and quantitative description of already impacted environment. The model, also takes into cognizance the levels of significance for losses of environmental resources affected by the already existing installation/projects or action. We employ the NUPRC’s systematic process in preparing EERs.

The Environmental compliance monitoring programme is an environmental performance monitoring of production operations aimed at achieving continuous performance improvement with the ultimate goal of eliminating all negative impacts on the environment arising from production operations.
The process involves continuous monitoring of identified parameters against regulatory limits set by NUPRC and FMENV (WHO for ground water) towards continuous improvement.

We adopt the regulatory environmental management tool for measuring the effects of operational activities on the environment against set criteria or standards.

This periodic exercise will evaluate how well your organisation, management and equipment are performing with the aim of helping to safeguard the environment by facilitating management control of practices and assessing compliance with company regulatory requirements and standards applicable.

Before developing environmental management systems or before and after any significant changes in operations, the company is required to review its activities to set policies and procedure that will promote sound environmental conditions.

Scopex Nigeria Limited carries out an Environmental Baseline Study surveys to determine the characterization of an area prior to the development of a project and establish the initial environmental status.

Other Environmental Services we provide include:

  • Seabed Survey
  • Sludge treatment, evacuation and disposal
  • Site restoration / remediation
  • Noise abatement strategies
  • Risks Assessment and Management
  • Waste Management
  • Oil Recovery Equipment
  • Biological Sludge Treatment
  • Post Impact Assessment (PIA)