HSE Policy Statement


SCOPEX NIGERIA LIMITED considers the promotion of safety, health, security and welfare of employees at work to be an essential part of the line Manager’s duties for which they are accountable at all levels both in the office and the fields.

To this end, the company recognizes that effective prevention of accidents depends as much on committed attitude of mind to safety as on the design, operation and maintenance of equipment and field instruments.

SCOPEX NIGERIA LIMITED will seek to encourage employee participation in contribution to the establishment and observance of safe working practices in all the work areas.

Management will instill in all staff and field workers recruited in any job to be co – operative and appreciate the need for safety, health and environmental consciousness at all times as long as the job lasts and thereafter.

Accordingly, the basic HEALTH, SAFETY, SECURITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL (HSSE) PRINCIPLES of the company will be adopted in this job and that is:

  • To make sure that health, safety, security and environmental considerations are given top priority in our planning and execution of jobs.
  • To operate our facilities and to carry out our services in a manner consistent with the health, safety and security of all the employees that will be recruited for our jobs, while protecting and maintaining a safe and healthy environment.
  • To promptly advise all the employees that will be recruited for all our jobs and our clients, on the significance of health, safety, security and environmental hazards if any.
  • To recognize and to respond to community concerns about our services and operations during and after completion of the job.
  • To maintain an appropriate framework of joint consultation on effective measures for promoting safety, security health and environment of our jobs and Studies with our clients and host communities.
  • To maintain systems of reporting and controlling safety performance and for monitoring and assessing health at work of all recruited employees and personnel participating in our jobs.

To proactively implement these guidelines and principles, the Team Leader who also is the Safety Officer will supervise all field jobs in conjunction with the Operations Manager or Project Coordinator in the field to ensure that no mistakes are made.