Quality Control


It is the policy of SCOPEX NIG LTD to provide services that are suitable for their intended purposes and in conformity with the company’s general quality specifications and any specific contractual quality specification and requirements our clients.

To this end, we would program, document and control all procedures necessary for the efficient and effective execution of operations at sites and the field to maintain sufficient documentary records to evidence the effectiveness handling of the job. It is the policy of SCOPEX NIG LTD that in keeping with our (QA/QC) POLICY, We make recognition of increasing legislations covering fitness for purposes and services performance.

The Quality Assurance Objectives of all our jobs include:

  • Ensuring that the all our jobs are carried out as scheduled and in an effective and organized quality program according to the specifications of our clients
  • Ensuring the personnel who will be recruited and engaged in any job are properly screened, briefed and capable of carrying out the job without damage to existing vegetation and ecosystem of the area.
  • Ensuring that the procedures to be adopted in all our jobs and instructions issued for performance of all quality critical activities at sites or fields are properly and promptly adhered to.
  • Ensuring that close inspection of equipment, materials, tools and personnel at sites are carried out to the required level of quality.

To this end, QA/QC procedures shall include: